Blackwell: September is suicide prevention month (letter) |

Blackwell: September is suicide prevention month (letter)

Thank you to Carrie Brown-Wolf for continuing to bring the suicide and mental health conversation into the light (September 9, “Tipping Points and Suicide”). Depression is the most common mental health disorder in the US and the leading cause of most suicide attempts. In the last year, more than 40,000 people have taken their own lives and an estimated 1 million suicide attempts have been made. September is Suicide Prevention Month and all of Summit County is invited to share in the education and awareness campaign activities scheduled in our schools and community. We are raising awareness about warning signs and symptoms and debunking societal myths around depression and suicide. We are implementing community, school staff, workforce, and health care provider evidence-based trainings and working toward understanding risk factors and screening for youth and adults. Let’s take care of our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances by reaching out with compassion and understanding. For more information about being a partner in the Healthy Future Initiative Suicide Prevention programs and activities, please contact Laurie Blackwell at 668-9196.

Laurie Blackwell


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