Brannon: Inconsistent mail service in Summit |

Brannon: Inconsistent mail service in Summit

Though I have owned a place in Summit for many years, I recently moved up here full time. I was warned by neighborly locals that the mail service here leaves much to be desired.

Like other letter writers in the Summit Daily, I, too, have experienced inconsistent mail service. I get packages sent via USPS (so far), but first-class mail is hit or miss. Near as I can tell, based on feedback from friends and companies by phone and email, about one-third of first-class mail is returned to sender. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

Several senders have put the returned letters and cards in a larger envelop, resent it to me at the same address, and I received them! And, of course, unwanted junk mail followed me here without interruption.

Suzanne Brannon