Breck for Thoughtful Marijuana says ‘vote no on Main Street’ |

Breck for Thoughtful Marijuana says ‘vote no on Main Street’

Breck for Thoughtful Marijuana says “vote no on Main Street”

We don’t oppose marijuana in Breckenridge. We oppose its sale on Main Street and in the downtown area.

We believe it’s too soon for retail marijuana shops on Main Street and in the downtown area because there is more to lose than gain by moving so quickly. We favor continuing the sale of retail and medical marijuana on Airport Road and other off–Main Street locations. We believe that Breckenridge should decide on marijuana on Main Street after marijuana goes more mainstream in our country.

The Breckenridge Town Council has made reasonable efforts to accommodate Breckenridge’s single Main Street retailer, not force it out of business.

In October 2013, the previous council enacted careful, thoughtful rules to allow retail and medical marijuana sales in designated areas. It made the town’s downtown area, including Main Street, off limits. To accommodate the transition, the previous council allowed the single existing Main Street medical marijuana shop to begin retail sales on Main Street on Jan. 1, 2014, but only temporarily, until Sept. 1, 2014.

When a new council was sworn in after the April election, it began to reconsider those decisions. The new council extended the Main Street retailer’s deadline until Feb. 2, 2015, to determine the outcome of the December special election.

This is not about forcing a business to close, but upholding existing law. A no vote tells council this: Enforce the existing law. Do not open Main Street and downtown to as many as five marijuana shops.

Breckenridge is one of the most-visited ski towns in the nation. Most visitors come from states that have not yet liberalized marijuana laws. Only Alaska, Oregon and Washington have joined Colorado in legalizing retail marijuana sales.

In Colorado, most ski towns have restricted marijuana sales. Avon, Vail and Winter Park have not approved sales. Our closest neighbors, Frisco and Dillon, made their downtown areas off limits.

Visitors are the lifeblood of Breck’s economy. The Breckenridge Lodging Association’s Nov. 14 letter to the editor states its opposition to allowing retail marijuana on Main Street because there is no data gauging visitor attitudes to see if this will positively or negatively affect visitation. There is a need for reliable survey research to understand the impacts and unintended consequences of marijuana sales on Main Street.

We see substantially more risk than reward in allowing marijuana on Main Street now. Let’s watch how legal marijuana evolves elsewhere. Let’s pause, be thoughtful, and let the country catch up.

A no vote supports Breckenridge’s existing law banning marijuana sales from Main Street and the downtown area. A no vote is about where we sell marijuana, not whether we sell marijuana. A no vote allows us to decide on Main Street after marijuana goes more mainstream in our country.

Mike Dudick

Jerry Dziedzic

Jack Wolfe

Organizers, Breck for Thoughtful Marijuana, the issue committee campaigning to vote no in Breckenridge’s Dec. 9 special election

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