Breckenridge parking garage will only increase downtown traffic (letter) |

Breckenridge parking garage will only increase downtown traffic (letter)

The proposal from the town of Breckenridge to put a parking deck at the F-Lot is a terrible idea for both visitors and locals alike. Having a parking deck at that location will only cause further issues with traffic, which is already practically grid-locked at the end of the ski day and on busy summer days. I have heard that there is a proposal to add roundabouts near the parking deck; however, there will be stop lights bookending either side of them, rendering them useless. As someone without a penny to gain from gridlocking tourists into town after a day of skiing, it appears to me that the best place for a parking deck would be at the South Gondola parking lot or even the Airport Lot so that all of those vehicles could get out of town without an hour-long headache in traffic.

The issue of taxing all of the pass holders and day ticket customers makes this deal even more sour for those of us who already avoid Breckenridge due to the massive crowds. I personally would never park in this parking deck, despite paying for part of it. What needs to be taken into account is the visitor experience, of both nearby locals and people from out of state, and not how much money the town can get out of each person that comes here.

Tina Mojzer


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