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Buck: Debra Irvine for House District 61

Debra Irvine seeks to unseat Representative Millie Hamner because Hamner does not faithfully represent the voters of HD-61.

Obama has vowed to fundamentally change this country, and progressive leftist millionaires/billionaires (including Polis and Stryker) are spending millions to do just that.

Hamner is a strategic pawn. She sponsored/supported gun control bills strongly opposed by HD61 constituents and 54 Colorado sheriffs. These laws make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own guns and will not keep criminals from acquiring them.

She introduced a bill that resulted in Amendment 66 to raise $1 billion in new taxes, for “education reform.” The amendment would also have changed our flat tax system.

Hamner voted for a 20% renewable energy mandate for Colorado utility companies which increases energy costs and threatens our oil, gas and coal industries. One result: this week 150 miners were laid off at Paonia’s Bowie Coal Mine in Delta County, in her district. Hamner supported driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for undocumented residents and same-day voter registration.

Debra Irvine opposes all such progressive legislation. She favors quality education and choices, including vocation/technical schools. She opposes laws that harm the economy or raise taxes. She believes in common sense, all-of-the-above energy independence. She believes that ObamaCare must be amended/repealed to reduce costs and allow us to keep our doctors and affordable insurance plans. Her primary focus is on improving the economy and creating jobs.

Eric Buck


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