Calling all concerned with climate change |

Calling all concerned with climate change

I am starting up a local Summit County Group focusing on the threat that global climate change will have on our community and throughout the world. I am looking for some members/residents who would like to work on this issue this summer: the help educate people specifically on the threat that global warming will have on our local community. This includes the damage that is being done to our beautiful forests (pine beetle) and what impact this will have on Colorado’s water sources and supplies in the future (among other issues). There are lots of films that can be shown locally and watched online if people just have access to them. Education is the key here, for residents must understand how serious the threat of global climate truly is. This is also an opportunity to conjure what types of solutions can be offered to help transit our community, our nation and our planet into an alternative/free energy economy. Anyone who would like to join, organize and contribute their time, energy and resources, please contact me at: Our new website is:

Steve Jones, Copper Mountain

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