Carlson: Support Millie Hamner’s re-election (letter) |

Carlson: Support Millie Hamner’s re-election (letter)

Support Millie Hamner’s re-election

As the election draws closer, the noise surrounding the presidential race has drowned out some of the important state and local races that we will be voting on this year. Among these is the Colorado House District 61 race. The incumbent, Millie Hamner, is a Summit County local and has been our representative for six years.

I worked with Millie when she was Superintendent of Summit schools. We are fortunate that she has continued on with her public service as our voice in Denver, and we have been very grateful for the work she has done for education since 2011.

Representative Hamner’s 35 years of public education experience made her a powerful voice for our schools from the outset. As the former Chair of the Education Committee and current Chair of the state’s Budget Committee, she continues to fight for adequate funding for our schools so that our children have the best opportunity to succeed.

At the recent Candidate Forum in Breckenridge, she mentioned that her ongoing mission as a legislator is continuing to fight for equitable and adequate funding to ensure better outcomes for students. While this is a long-term goal, she expressed support for local measures 3A and 3B, which will help Summit schools with critical funding needs in the short term.

As an advocate for public education, I know it is imperative that we have knowledgeable legislators making the decisions that impact our kids and our schools, and I urge the community to join me in voting for Millie Hamner.

Margaret Carlson


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