Chanin: Why is booze family friendly but not marijuana? |

Chanin: Why is booze family friendly but not marijuana?

It sounds familiar when I hear the ignorant suggestions being offered by a few that, “Pot shops on Main Street will ruin Breckenridge’s family friendly image and town history!” I’m sure similar thoughts were formed by those who opposed ending segregation and giving women equal rights. But the fact is, allowing a few pot shops on Main Street won’t change the overall image of the town we live in. Just because you don’t agree with something, does not mean you have to demonize it.

If you are really so concerned about “a small group of pot smokers who apparently can’t tolerate any inconvenience in their quest to chemically alter their brains” then why aren’t you trying to shut down all the bars on Main St. that complete the same task using a different method? Could it be that you like alcohol, or do you just feel that is it somehow more legal than marijuana? Or is it because it has a better “image”?

“Is it too much to ask that our local marijuana users pick up their next stash down on Airport Drive?” one letter writer said. I agree, when are we gonna start making our local alcohol users pick up their next fix on Airport Road as well?

Garret Chanin


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