Colorado bill funding contraception would save state money (letter) |

Colorado bill funding contraception would save state money (letter)

As a long time local resident and one who is committed to sensible state budget and finance, I fully support the passage of HB 1194 to fund access to long-acting reversible contraception in Colorado as a part of family planning. For the past six years Colorado has provided this type of funding. It has been shown that for every $1 spent by the state in birth control we have saved almost $6 in Medicaid funding. That can only be a benefit to every one of us.

Another huge benefit is keeping young women in high school and college, and the avoidance of unintended pregnancies does just that. This not only reduces Medicaid payments, but also welfare cases and additionally puts more self-sufficient educated women into the workforce which aids their families across the state.

The facts support this: there is a huge decrease in unintended pregnancies, it’s a small state investment with a significant return, there is a reduction of self-reliance on government programs, and this measure has broad community support. This includes our Summit County Commissioners, who have endorsed this common-sense program.

I think it only makes sense, and I hope our legislators will support it.

Sue McHenry


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