Considering the third way in American politics (letter) |

Considering the third way in American politics (letter)

Regarding the recent editorial on Rand Paul by Dick Polman, the author clearly illuminates the concern by the mainstream political parties over the rise of libertarianism in our country. The two major political parties are prepared to do almost anything to continue their power and the promotion of the oligarchy that has replaced our republican form of government. This editorial falls into that category.

What is missing from this editorial is the acknowledgement that libertarianism enjoys a ground swell of support from younger voters. They are not fooled by myopic governments that can’t see beyond the next election; financial markets that can’t see beyond the next trade; and an educational system that can’t see beyond the next round of standardized tests.

The constant effort by both the Democrats and Republican mainstream to maintain power at all costs becomes increasingly obvious as they ignore our crumbling infrastructure, conveniently forget that 9 million persons in our work force are not employed, deny the movement to eliminate the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and increasingly use fear and constant warfare as a narcotic to control the masses.

Most young voters use social media to communicate and thus will not be too swayed by the anti-Rand Paul message of the editorial. We older voters should pay attention to and support our younger citizens, as they will inherit the political system of the future.

Bob Phillipson


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