Copp: Young’s attacks on conservatives are examples of poor rhetoric |

Copp: Young’s attacks on conservatives are examples of poor rhetoric

The editorial by John Young on April 5 titled “A change of heart for Colorado Republicans on personhood” demands a rebuttal. His ramblings start out imagining the thoughts of people protesting the murder of unborn babies and twisting that into claiming these people are against birth control. He then goes on to state that a 2012 poll showed that 82 percent of Americans think that birth control is morally acceptable. Then he corrects himself (having trouble with facts, John?) to say that it is 82 percent of Catholics that think this. I do not quite understand this point, but putting his attack on Catholic Church doctrine aside, his argument is that if a majority of the public thinks it is OK, then it must be OK. One need only to remember how well this worked in Nazi Germany to see the folly in his argument. After some more blather, he turns to tell us that he is amazed we continue to have discussions about governmental overreach. He whines about the case before the Supreme Court (Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby) and fails to grasp that companies and those that own them also have rights. He then launches into a diatribe about how corporations who refuse to carry health insurance covering contraception are wrong. Once again, he inappropriately plays the game of broadening the scope of discussion with unrelated proposals about how a company might require morning and afternoon prayers or restricted diets in an effort to strengthen his argument. He ends the day with the claim that the real issue in the Hobby Lobby case is the “personhood” of employees and the 21st century definition of health care. Assuming that he is referring to Obamacare as the “definition” of 21st century health care, I would point out that recent polls have indicated a loss of support for this absolute debacle. He is “amazed” that any discussion occurs that does not fully support his opinion. In what seems to be the liberal modus operandi as of late, Mr. Young is attempting to stifle debate by casting disparaging remarks against those who disagree with his leftist views. Fortunately we still have the ability to counter this drivel by pointing out its continued failure. If, however, you believe in the Democrat utopia, I hear Detroit is nice this time of year.

James Copp


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