Defining freedom isn’t isn’t easy (letter) |

Defining freedom isn’t isn’t easy (letter)

Morgan Liddick is a marvelous writer, a fine historian and an asset to the quality of the Summit Daily News. His opinion on the subject of freedom and its foundational importance to the heart of our nation he proffers beautifully in his June 30 column. It is in full accord with conservative philosophy.

Mr. Liddick identifies freedom as the foundation on which America finds it’s strength. It is important to know what freedom is. Is it freedom to do what you please? Or, is freedom doing those actions which most closely accord with highest principle? Too often, political and economic players willfully compromise principle for gain (which is far removed from freedom). The first definition allows one to do harm in his exercise of freedom.

Then there is the question of worldview — one depends on dominance, military, economic and ethnic (The imagined American is a member of an ethnic “tribe” of white-skinned Western, Christian Europeans.) This is a powerful tribal mentality, which has been characterized as being akin to the society of feudal warlords who dominated our early European history. That warlord mentality explains why the default problem-solving mechanism of conservatives is another war — or its political equivalent. War will assure we have dominion over the “other,” as was true with the warlords. A gun-culture identifies the worldview of this tribe.

The other worldview is one that declares an interconnectedness and interdependence of all. It says that a society is an organism, which requires that all the parts be healthy. This worldview requires that all participants become educated to their capacity and have full opportunity — regardless of what would have been their previous tribal affiliation (or race). Equal opportunity and social justice have been antithetical to the tribal ( onservative) model.

Only one worldview is healthy! The day of tribalism needs to pass in the USA, in Arabia, in Afghanistan, in Africa and across the planet.

Paul Phillips


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