Demand accident accountability at ski resorts (letter) |

Demand accident accountability at ski resorts (letter)

Re: June 9 Summit Daily story, “Frisco skier pushes for more regulations to prevent hit-and-run accidents.”

I read with interest the above article. The issues that Dave Owens proposes are exactly what I have been thinking. I agree wholeheartedly that the resorts should be transparent concerning ski/snowboard accidents. Currently, one has to pick up on rumors and try to get more information. Why shouldn’t we, as consumers, be entitled to know the facts and circumstances of accidents on the hill? We pretty much take our life in our hands when we go out and need to be armed with pertinent information.

Further, I notice that the signs at the base of Peak 8 in Breck — which stated how many passes were revoked — are no longer there. I think it was two years ago that this information disappeared. I did see some information along those lines in the back of the Summit Daily some time ago. Not a convenient place for folks to see it.

Since ski resorts are protected by state law from liability for most accidents and injuries, I can’t understand why they are hesitant to provide detailed information regarding accidents on the hill. I guess until we consumers demand this sort of accountability, we are going to be left in the dark.

Pamela Bradley


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