Don’t like smoke? Stay out of businesses that are smoky |

Don’t like smoke? Stay out of businesses that are smoky

Darrel Baker, Fairview Boulevard

I have never smoked, don’t like to be around smoke and prefer not to be in establishments which are filled with smoke.

But I still can’t understand the current crusade to impose smoking bans on privately owned business establishments.

Why is it more important to limit, rather than protect, the freedom of private business owners to conduct legal activities within their establishments?

If this smoking ban is approved, what’s next? Should we require that grocery stores remove from their shelves food items deemed not to be wholesome by some politically correct interest group?

After the public has been properly desensitized by the controls placed in private business, it might actually be possible to start checking the private homes of people who appear to be shunning the edicts of the smoking and the food police.

It angers me for anyone, whether it is one of our county commissioners or the Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance, to insinuate that I and my fellow Summit County voters don’t have enough sense to stay out of businesses which allow smoking.

Chris Quint, in his letter printed Oct. 26, is correct. People do have a right to breathe clean, smoke-free air. And those who wish to exercise this right can best do so by staying out of establishments which allow smoking.

If business drops off enough in those establishment which do allow smoking, perhaps the owner will impose his own smoking ban – and government can do what it should have done all along, stay out of it.

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