Donze: Littwin repurposes the pope to forward own agenda (letter) |

Donze: Littwin repurposes the pope to forward own agenda (letter)

Re: Mike’s Littwin’s column, “The Bernie Sanders pope praises and rebukes Congress”

Leave it to Mike Littwin to sing the praises of a pope raised in leftist Argentina. (That country has done so well, no?) I doubt Littwin would have had much to say about his visit had the pope come out against Islamists drowning, raping, persecuting and slaughtering Christians in the Middle East rather than discussing putting guilty murderers to death for their crimes. The pope made no mention of the sentence of death by stoning of the 13-year-old girl for the “crime” of getting raped by 3 men in Somalia. You would think those items would be at the forefront of thoughts by the supposed leader of the Christian world.

Littwin is the usual liberal faker, celebrating parts of the story that suit them while ignoring the bigger picture showing their fallacious arguments. I wonder how long it has been since he and his other leftist friends have seen the inside of a church, after all. They are so tolerant of Christians. Yeah, right.

Terry W. Donze

Wildernest, Summit County

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