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Dudick: Rooting for purple politics

Regarding Tina Dupuy’s editorial of Jan. 13, I completely agree with the conclusion that all Americans should have a living, sustainable wage for work. Where I think she comes completely off the rails is to lay current level poverty wages at the foot of the Republican Party.

We have had five years of Democratic governance and what has changed to raise poverty level wages under their watch? Nothing. Raising taxes on wealthy Americans doesn’t change the wage levels for those on the bottom. It might make Robin Hood proud, “take from the rich and give to the poor,” but giving to the poor doesn’t change their hourly wages. There may be more money to assist those in need but it does absolutely nothing to change wage levels. I do not know of any policy of the current administration or Senate leadership that has been put forth to have any significant, positive impact on poverty level wages.

My fundamental problem with the opinion piece is that it perpetuates the same finger pointing that has paralyzed Washington for far too long. “Republicans are forcing more people into poverty, Democratic tax burdens force more people into poverty.” Finger pointing begets more finger pointing, not policy based solutions.

I do not like “Red vs. Blue” politics — I like “Purple.” Why not have solution-based debates rather than lobbing Molitov cocktails at each other?

Mike Dudick


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