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Dudick: The Breckenridge marijuana equation

I think the Breckenridge Town Council is heading in the wrong direction on the marijuana question and the permutation of issues surrounding it.

First, I voted for 64 and have no problem whatsoever with legal recreational use of marijuana.

Second, I have a serious problem with the town government arbitrarily setting a license limit at 4 retail establishments. By ordinance of limitation the town council will automatically create enormous economic value to the four license holders. Ask yourself, would we as a community sit still for an ordinance that limited the number of pizza restaurants, liquor stores, real estate offices, timeshare developments, etc. to four? Never. Why then is it acceptable to limit the marijuana licenses to four? It’s not right nor is it fair for our town government to bequeath enormous cash value to a select few in any industry. What is so wrong with competition based on price, service and product? If that means 10 establishments, so be it, but granting wealth through legislation is wrong.

Third, the council will be considering a ballot question for November of this year regarding retail sales on Main Street. There are ten different stipulations in the ballot question which I believe all skirt the obvious question, “Should Breckenridge allow retail sales of marijuana on Main Street?” If the voters of Breck answer yes to that question then let the council via ordinances after the election craft regulations that are sensible but follow the will of the voters. Council, ask the simple question and then go to work if the voters say yes. In my opinion, your current approach is backwards at best.

Mike Dudick


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