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Eastman: Burning on Peak 7

I am sitting at home, trying not to cough due to the heavy smoke in the air as U.S. Forest Service contractors have dozens of piles of trees burning around my house. This is the start of the burning of 13,000 piles of trees around the county. As the wood is wet and cold, it burns slowly and inefficiently, with a heavy blue smoke. I photographed some of the firefighters who are igniting piles of trees using chemical accelerants to get them started. The thick smoke causes them to cough with a smoker’s hack while they are doing their work. Everyday exposure to this toxic mix is sure to shorten many of their lives.

What a waste of a valuable resource. So many products could have been made with this lumber, but it was deemed cheaper to burn it. If you are going to burn this beautiful resource that used to line the hill above my house, please do it efficiently and produce power or heat, with minimal pollution. The slow-burn method being used is just filling the air with carbon and other toxins and is leaving ugly black piles in the pristine snow.

Eric Eastman


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