Free speech for thee, but not for me? (letter) |

Free speech for thee, but not for me? (letter)

Ah, another letter from an outraged Progressive. Recently, Donna Every blasted the GOP message “…vote for someone who will defend this country.” Hardly a week goes by without letters to the editor ripping into the opinions of the SDN’s only regular conservative columnist, Morgan Liddick, suggesting the newspaper drop his column. On her Facebook page, a former SDN scribe applauds her current paper’s policy of refusing to publish letters from conservatives.

I find it highly ironic that Ms. Every and her fellow liberals, who claim to defend the rights of all women, children, races, genders — in fact, apparently everyone but white males who own a second home in Summit County — have such a great intolerance for, and demand the censorship of, any opinions that differ from their own.

Jackie Moberly


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