Gansmann: Syrian refugees pose risks for Colorado safety (letter) |

Gansmann: Syrian refugees pose risks for Colorado safety (letter)

Gov. Hickenlooper said: Don’t ban Syrian refugees from Colorado. He suggests we need to make sure the verification process for these refugees is “as stringent as possible.”

Even FBI Director James Comey recently testified no foreign databases exist to screen the Syrian refugees. This is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. It is an issue of the safety of the citizens of Colorado and the USA. So, please quit straddling the line with Mr. Obama and expecting Colorado to be financially rewarded for supporting him on this issue.

Here are just two (2) excellent reasons for not allowing Syrian refugees in the USA in general and Colorado specifically:

• What if one or a few of them bombed the Eisenhower and Johnson tunnels?

• What would happen if a few of them bombed the dams to all our reservoirs?

People would die from floods, our east and west range water supplies would vanish in hours and our economy would suffer for many years to come.

Ken Gansmann


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