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Go going on Interstate 70 solutions, CDOT (letter)

I just read Phyllis Ohlemacher’s June 19 letter (“Front Range residents frustrated with the Interstate 70 crawl to mountains”) — What a relief to finally have someone speak up!

I have lived in Colorado since 1965, in Frisco since 2006 and can’t believe the ignorance of our CDOT officials.

Somewhere along the line, a connection was lost between serving the public, the residents and visitors.

Everyone is always crying about the economy and taxes not being collected at the speed they should be.

If CDOT closes lanes, why make it into a labyrinth? Either close in succession, always the right or the left lanes, not this “go right, go left.”

Recently, I picked a friend up in Georgetown, 25 minutes to go east bound, three hours westbound to come back to Frisco. I saw kids in cars getting sick — who would foot the medical bills?

Friends coming to visit by plane get advised by me to fly into the Eagle County Regional Airport.

So, please, all of our highly seated officials: Get with the flow, and do something positive — not just talking and no action. Talk is cheap, actions will be an amazing thing.

It’s a nightmare no one should encounter visiting the Playground of the West — Summit County.

Gisela Hertrich-Daniels


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