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Gordman: With marijuana on Main, Breckenridge gets risk but no reward

Five marijuana entrepreneurs are asking the business owners, property owners and workers of Breckenridge to fund a grand experiment for them. The experiment is, will having a large number of pot shops on Main Street reduce the number of people who select Breckenridge as their vacation destination? While my experience in advising national companies on brand strategy tells me that overtime it will, I have to admit I can’t be absolutely sure. But neither our marijuana entrepreneurs nor our Town Council can assure the community that it won’t. So where is the logic for 4,500 Breckenridge residents to take a risk so that five people will become rich?

Tourists have the freedom to select a vacation destination that has the greatest appeal to them. The reality is that in the world of vacation destinations Breckenridge has a great deal of competition. While marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is not legal in 46 states. Some people compare marijuana to alcohol and point out how many places you can buy a drink in town. The difference is clear: alcohol is legal in all 50 states; marijuana isn’t.

The people of Colorado and Breckenridge have made the decision to make marijuana legal. That is not the question on this ballot. The question on this ballot is, will making Breckenridge’s Historic Main Street a pot mega-mall ultimately have a negative effect on tourism, the business that keeps our town healthy and prospering.

Through this ballot, these entrepreneurs are asking our town to take all of the risk with our very healthy tourism business for a reward that only they will receive. It’s a great deal (for them) if they can get it.

Vote “NO” if you believe the people of Breckenridge should avoid this risk.

Bob Gordman


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