Gray: John assumes too much about abortion protesters |

Gray: John assumes too much about abortion protesters

John Young assumes too much

Longtime “Texas” newspaperman, John Young, in his opinion piece of April 5, 2014, wrote that “most likely, they (individuals praying out in front of Planned Parenthood) not only oppose the abortion that their signs and placards decry. They also oppose birth control …”

By that reasoning, being a Texan, he “most likely” must be loud, obnoxious and have cows–t on his boots. It is pompous bigots like himself who coarsen our public discourse. Does he also make drive by assumptions based on race or gender? Wouldn’t be politically correct.

One suggestion for Mr. Young; instead of “regularly driving past individuals praying in front of Planned Parenthood,” why doesn’t he stop and talk to them. Besides, doing that on a “regular” basis just sounds creepy.

David Gray


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