Gray: National boundaries are a fact of life (letter) |

Gray: National boundaries are a fact of life (letter)

National boundaries are a fact of life

Re: Carrie Brown-Wolf’s column on the refugee crisis

Ms. Brown-Wolf lumps in the current refugee crisis in Europe with Donald Trump’s call for a wall on our border. She seems to imply that Mr. Trump and those who might agree with him, take their positions because “fear is a powerful force.” Or, to paraphrase, they’re xenophobic racists. I might point out that Mr. Trump is married to an immigrant.

Ms. B-W, we learned in grade school that it is impolite to “jump the line.” It’s unfair to those who were waiting and doing it legally. Do you have a concern for those folks?

Asylum is a different matter. I hope and expect that we will take in a fair share of the people who are fleeing the evil loose in the Middle East. Our country has always been a beacon in that respect.

So, Ms. B-W, if you equate a wall with intolerance, or “resistance to change,” then you need to present a better idea — not just impugn those with one. National boundaries are a fact of life, and they are important — ask a Ukranian, ask a Tibetan. Protection of those borders is the highest duty of government. When my grandfather came to this country, he waited in line.

As for Trump, I’ll bet his nasty personality is a clever act. See “Trump interviews Trump” on Youtube. True narcissists wouldn’t allow that. On the other hand, he’s touched a nerve in this country. He’d be a crap-shoot, but I don’t see how he could be worse than the current president or his predecessor.

David Gray


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