Gray: Why a south-end parking structure for northern invaders? (letter) |

Gray: Why a south-end parking structure for northern invaders? (letter)

Re: the proposed parking structure in Breckenridge.

I believe that more than 80% of the traffic into and out of Breckenridge is from the north. Why on earth would we want to cram all those cars into the south end of a very narrow town? Perhaps the “traffic experts” who advised on this matter never tried to drive ththrough town on a typical weekend, during ski season, and of late, in the summer. As it is, its almost impossible to turn across traffic at City Market, N. French, Watson (especially for buses), or Village Rd. As for the proposed round-about at 4 O’Clock Rd., I hope the design will come from someone other than the one who gave us the choke-point that passes for the current round-about at N. Park and Main.

If I understand correctly, Vail is willing to build a structure on the Airport Rd. lots. Why not use the 4 million dollars the tax-payers would save for a highly efficient shuttle system, using vehicles similar to a San Francisco streetcar-easy on, easy off. Visitors will already be dressed for the cold, so open-air shouldn’t be an issue. They’ll be a lot happier spending their money in town, if they’re not frustrated and p.o’d by a traffic nightmare.

Given the ads in the paper, and the glossy mail-outs, it seems that our elected officials are stuck on this idea. Although I can’t vote in Breck, I hope those who can, will, when this idea is put before the voters. I predict a fiasco if this goes through.

David Gray


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