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Hodge: Elect Doug Roessel for Dillon mayor

As a friend and as a fellow small-business man in the Dillon town core area, I would like to encourage the residents of Dillon to consider Mr. Roessel for Dillon mayor in next week’s elections.

Mr. Roessel has the maturity, the business and government experience and the desire to serve in this important position. As a resident of Dillon, he understands the issues (i.e., parking) that homeowners are facing on an ongoing basis. As a businessman, he is very much aware of the concerns that small businesses have, particularly the issue of revitalizing the core business district.

He has personally expressed a desire to work diligently in making the town government more transparent and he is open to receiving input from residents and business owners alike.

Doug is an excellent fit for this position and I urge Dillon residents to vote for him next week

— Jay Hodge


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