Howard: Why I quit Summit post offices (letter) |

Howard: Why I quit Summit post offices (letter)

I can identify with Mr Birger’s letter regarding our post office returning his son’s Christmas package when it was clearly addressed.

Last summer, I received a notice in my mailbox in Silverthorne that I had a package to pick up. I went the next day to get the package and neither Silverthorne nor Dillon post offices could locate it. I called the merchant sender to get tracking info, and they told me the package had been returned to them marked “wrong address” — even though I verified with the sender and the address on the package was correct.

I asked the merchant to resend the package, which they did. And guess what? I never did receive the package. Merchant called me to say package had been returned a second time with the correct address clearly on it. Twice on the same package by our inefficient post office was enough for me. I now have all my packages sent to my daughter in Arvada. At least, so far, I am no longer having the problem … although I must drive 75 miles to retrieve them!

I suspect my home post office is thrilled with my solution since they have efficiently eliminated one more online shopper from their service territory! Can we blame them — short staffed and minimally spaced as they are forced to be? At least I no longer have to try to face the hazard of squeezing into the Silverthorne parking lot and putting my car and myself in grave danger!!

Carole Howard


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