Huff: Ballot initiative would give CMC increased connectivity (letter) |

Huff: Ballot initiative would give CMC increased connectivity (letter)

“Ballot Initiative 4D would exempt Colorado Mountain College from Senate Bill 152, a 10-year-old state law that limits the ability of local governments (including CMC) to provide broadband internet services.” — Colorado Mountain College website

By the beginning of World War II the US was the best connected country of the large industrial nations. This was accomplished because of a public-private monopoly relationship which created phone services for large populations but also required the existing industry to serve less profitable rural areas as well. Today’s two major broadband vendors in our state rely on much of that established infrastructure to compete privately. This includes many local community agreements for access to town right of ways.

Senate Bill 152, promoted by industry lobbyists 10 years ago, returned small community and rural Colorado to the information dark ages by removing the ability of local communities to provide their own informations services.

Private vendors who might want to serve an area in the mountains must obtain expensive services from the two major providers who have the benefit of having much of their infrastructure originally made possible by public agreements and funds.

CMC already exists in many of these communities, and has its own broadband backbone, so it is not as dependent on the two majors. Initiative 4D has the potential affect of returning options to local communities with CMC as a community partner in those solutions.

Support Initiative 4D and give our rural and learner populations better and less expensive access.

Phil Huff


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