In defense of Gold Hill clear-cutting (letter) |

In defense of Gold Hill clear-cutting (letter)

With deference to Mr. Brown, (More Forest Service Obfuscation 3/27/15) I will say that, as a resident of the Gold Hill area, I personally have felt tremendous relief for the safety of my family and my neighbors as a result of the clear cutting that has occurred over the past few years in Summit County, particularly on Gold Hill. In spite of what some may want you to believe, I know personally, from living on Gold Hill and being out on the Gold Hill Trail and the Colorado Trail countless times, that Gold Hill was an absolute tinder box that could have literally exploded like a bomb had a wildfire reached it. There was no counting all the dead trees. There were none left alive! Now, new trees can grow! Already the forest floor is alive with grasses and wildflowers. Just look at the Gold Hill trailhead that was clear cut in 2008. Already, there is a burgeoning stand of young aspen trees! What would be nice is if the Forest Service worked on the new stand, instead of just letting it repopulate in the same unhealthy way the last stand did. Thin out the stand while is still young and growing! Work on having a truly healthy stand on an ongoing basis. I would not contest Mr. Brown’s opinion on the possible missteps by the local forest service office. Obfuscation? Maybe. Transparency and honesty in government (is there such a thing?) throughout the federal and state government offices starts at the top.

Ron Shelton


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