Irvine: I stand by my criticisms of Millie Hamner’s record |

Irvine: I stand by my criticisms of Millie Hamner’s record

Re: Julie Charneskie's Oct. 15 letter to the editor.

It is no surprise that Julie Charneskie speaks so negatively about me. I know her as the former campaign manager of my opponent, Millie Hamner, and a former officer for Summit County Democrats.

My campaign addresses facts, many of which my opponent would rather keep unchallenged. Millie says she is proud of her record, so she shouldn't be concerned if I publish her voting record in ads or on my website,

I believe that an informed voter is a wise voter. Apparently, my opponent's supporters believe otherwise. I am pleased Millie says she will run a positive campaign. I expect, then, her supporters will follow suit.

Yes, I have run before. In 2010 I lost by 7% in my very first race.

Just 21 days after the election, my opponent announced she was resigning.

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Millie was appointed by 8 members of a 15-person Democrat vacancy committee. I was asked to run again in 2012 because of her appointment, and I came in a strong second in a 5-way race.

Her constituents asked me to run this time because they believe Millie is not completely representing their needs and interests. It was necessary to challenge her.

I will continue to publicize her voting record so that voters can make an informed decision. I have been open and vocal regarding my solutions, positions and qualifications. If Millie doesn't know what they are, then, yet again, she hasn't been listening.

Debra Irvine


Republican Candidate for State Representative, HD61