Irvine: In abortion debate, compassion is missing |

Irvine: In abortion debate, compassion is missing

In Scott C. Mathews’ May 16 letter to the editor, he wrote, “a 17 year old girl who needs an abortion”. More than any other comment, the flippant use of the word “needs” struck me.

I worked on a suicide hotline in the Washington, DC area. I personally helped, as best I could, some female callers who were struggling with powerful emotions related to abortions they had years, even decades, earlier. Guilt and anguish were paramount. Some of the women were pregnant again, others had children or wanted to start a family, and others wanted children but a previous abortion had left them barren.

When a person uses a word with abortion, in the same way as “needing” a haircut, it shows a great lack of compassion. There is a strong push to stop Planned Parenthood facilities from showing a pregnant woman an ultrasound of the baby she is carrying.

What are they afraid of?

A woman deserves to know all the facts to empower her with making such a grave decision that could impact her for the rest of her life.

Debra Irvine


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