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Jury duty disdain a shame (letter)

This is in response to Judge Romero’s article on August 6 “Jury duty is a patriotic duty.”

I was one of the potential jurors called to duty on July 21 and sat through the process of selecting jurors for five hours before they dismissed us due to a lack of attendees. This was my first experience of serving on a jury and was therefore not sure what to expect. I was probably one of the few people there who was happy to do my duty and would gladly have sat through a three day trial. I was shocked at the negative response I got from the majority of the prospective jurors and also at the intensity of people’s efforts to avoid becoming a juror. I know many long term residents who have never received a jury summons and others, like my daughters, who are not citizens but legal aliens who receive multiple summons. I agree with Annette Kubek — there is obviously something wrong with the whole process.

Gail Westwood


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