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Letters of support for Dillon mayoral race and Breckenridge Town Council

Dillon Mayoral Race

Support for Doug Roessel

I am writing to encourage all voters in the town of Dillon to please go and vote on Tuesday, April 1. This election is extremely important for our town, as selecting the best candidate for the Dillon mayor position is critical to the positive direction and reputation of our town.

I encourage Dillon residents to vote for Doug Roessel for mayor. He has many years of experience leading in successful businesses, both small business and in corporations, and will bring this valuable experience to the town council. In addition he has had long-term success in running two small businesses within the town of Dillon, from which he has a great understanding of the challenges that our local small business face.

Doug Roessel also is a long-term resident and homeowner in Dillon, which has afforded him the knowledge and understanding of our community and its needs. Doug Roessel is committed to ensuring the success of our town.

Sarah Thompson


Support for Kevin Burns

This Tuesday, April 1, please consider Councilman Kevin Burns for mayor of Dillon. During his service on Dillon’s Town Council, Kevin has consistently demonstrated a professional, reasoned and intelligent approach to all issues and discussions.

Thanks to Kevin’s continued leadership, our council has a clear and exciting vision of the future of Dillon. Our town is poised for a number of compelling opportunities, all of which require a strong, approachable mayor.

I am confident that Kevin has the resources and savvy to pursue the best direction for Dillon’s residents and businesses alike. Elect Kevin Burns mayor of Dillon and the north shore of the lake will become an even better place to call home.

R. Louis Skowyra III


We are fortunate to have a highly qualified candidate for mayor. Kevin Burns grew up in Summit County and has experience working in government at the local and state levels.

Currently, Kevin is a member of the Dillon Town Council. He also served as a legislative aide for state Sen. Dan Gibbs and an intern for Sen. Mark Udall.

As a public relations specialist, Kevin works with state and national businesses and nonprofit organizations. Through his endeavors with government and business, Kevin has developed excellent public relations and communication skills.

Our small community is flourishing. We have beautiful parks and bike paths, new businesses, fabulous restaurants, a thriving theater and an incredible marina. All of these features and more create a wonderful environment for the residents as well as the visitors to our county.

There is work to be done to sustain the vision for our community and design the blueprint for the future. This work requires upbeat, progressive energy and dedication. We believe Kevin Burns possesses these qualities.

Dillon needs a mayor who has experience in both government and business, and one who has a positive attitude about the town’s future. We support a mayor who is motivated by a desire to serve the community rather than personal gain or retribution.

That’s why we support Kevin Burns for mayor.

Tim and Gayle Westerberg


Breckenridge Town Council

Support for Mark Burke

Mark Burke definitely deserves re-election to the Breckenridge Town Council for another four-year term. He has been an outstanding leader on the council and he really listens to all Breck citizens before he makes his decisions and votes.

I remember him asking me as a longtime local (I moved to Breck in 1982) during his first campaign in the spring of 2010 what I thought the town should have as a priority moving forward. Lots of things came to mind, but I specifically mentioned that, as the manager of Edelweiss Condominiums, I could not help but notice that north Main Street had been largely ignored for upgrades to pedestrian needs for better sidewalks and crossings, both for safety issues and encouraging more foot traffic for the businesses, shops, restaurants and residences that had been paying their taxes for years, while watching most town resources go into south Main Street improvements.

Mark agreed with me, which was a revealing moment into his mindset that he represents the interests of everyone in Breck. His own business, Burke & Riley’s Irish Pub, is on south Main Street, but he was clearly aware that north Main Street needed attention as well, and he promised if elected to research and address that area’s needs to keep the whole town moving forward.

Fast forward four years: the town has spent close to a million dollars in the last two years in its North Main Street Renovation Project, making that part of Breck into a real jewel. I have personally noticed much more foot traffic along our sidewalks, and all the area businesses have experienced considerable revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Mark certainly helped make this possible in his position as a town council leader. For me in that 2010 campaign moment with Mark, it was promises made, promises kept! Let’s reward him for all he has accomplished (and will continue to accomplish) with another four years of outstanding leadership.

Go Mark Burke!

Stephen Immer


Support for Elisabeth Lawrence

We are two of the many Breckenridge residents who are excited to support Elisabeth Lawrence as a candidate for town council. We are small business owners and we first met and worked with Elisabeth in a business context.

We found her to be smart, skilled and reliable. Later, when Elisabeth joined the staff of the Summit Foundation, we saw her use her talents to benefit a broad range of charitable organizations throughout Summit County. Now, as Breckenridge citizens, we have a chance to put her to work for the benefit of the entire town.

Elisabeth is a friend of ours, but that’s not why we urge you to vote for her. We don’t know anyone who will work harder and more effectively to keep Breckenridge a great place for families to call home. That’s why she’s earned your vote. Mail in your ballots early, or remember to go to the polls on Tuesday, April 1.

Rob and Tracy Dollars


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