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Letters supporting Kevin Burns for Dillon mayor

Letters of for Dillon mayor

Support for Kevin Burns

I am writing this letter of support for Kevin Burns for mayor of Dillon. Kevin and I have worked together professionally for a number of years. As a professional communicator, Kevin knows what it takes to work on complex issues with a variety of stakeholders. He is smart, decisive and a brilliant problem solver.

Kevin is a Summit High grad and from working with him, I know him to be personable, witty and approachable. He would make an excellent mayor. I urge you to vote for Kevin for mayor of Dillon on April 1.

Karen Mason



Kevin’s leadership experience and strong commitment to the public interest will make him a great mayor.

Kevin and I joined the Dillon Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee in 2010, and we partnered on important recreation and conservation projects together. We took the lead in creating a Paver Program that allows individuals and businesses to buy pavers for a flagstone pathway through Marina Park. We also worked together to create and promote our summer park programs and maintain recreation facilities. And when I joined Dillon’s economic development advisory committee, Kevin worked to ensure funding for our new property incentive grant program to help revitalize and stimulate economic growth in our town core.

Lastly, Kevin is a leader with an open, collaborative approach to government responsibility and accountability. He understands and appreciates what the community needs and wants — this is evident through his implementation of Community Chats and support for community forums. As a citizen volunteer for the town, I see firsthand that Kevin is vested in our community and the prosperity of Dillon.

Kevin’s work can literally been seen in the town with the Pavers Program, the redevelopment of Marina Park and the reinvestment in the exteriors and façades of businesses. He has had a direct and positive impact on the town, and I am eager to see all the wonderful things he has in store for Dillon. I urge you to vote for Kevin Burns as mayor of Dillon.

Jennifer Cassell



As longtime residents of Dillon, we would like to indicate our support for Kevin Burns. Having spent time in Dillon’s political arena ourselves, we understand the need for engaged, thoughtful, open-minded and passionate leadership at the mayoral level. Kevin has demonstrated through his service on the Dillon Town Council that he certainly possesses these qualities. Kevin does not approach civic service with a personal agenda. His only concern is for what is in the best interest of Dillon for both the short term and the long term.

It is with a certain sense of irony and amusement that we note that this election will be held on April 1 – otherwise known as April Fool’s Day. It was on April Fool’s Day in 1986 the I (Flo Raitano) was elected as Dillon’s mayor. That began a long, passionate relationship with the town of Dillon and its residents, business owners and second-home owners. Ben also has a long history of civic service to Dillon as council member and mayor pro tem.

We both believe that it is time to hand over the reins to the next generation of leaders for Dillon and believe that Kevin Burns will be the absolute best choice for Dillon. We urge the voters in Dillon to vote for Kevin next Tuesday.

Ben and Flo Raitano



I have had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for years now, first as a friend with mutual interest in volunteerism and community service, then as a voting member of the town’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, and for the last two years as a member of town council. As mayor of Dillon, I have worked with Kevin and can attest to his thoughtfulness, his keeled temperament and his interest in working collaboratively within our community, and most importantly his passion for serving the citizens of Dillon and the love for the town he grew up in.

Why do I support Kevin in his bid for mayor of Dillon? Besides enjoying the last two years we’ve served the town together, I think Kevin’s personal and professional background are great fits for this community. Kevin is a Summit High School and Leadership Summit graduate. Having grown up in this community, he understands and is excited to be part of its future for years to come.

Kevin’s professional background will serve him well as mayor. As a project member of a local public relations firm, Kevin’s everyday job is to help organizations better communicate and serve their clientele. He is regularly tasked with coming up with innovative and outside-the-box solutions for his clients. That kind of creative thinking and passion to communicate effectively will serve Dillon well.

It has been a pleasure to call Kevin a friend all these years, and I look forward to being able to also call him our next mayor. Please vote for Kevin Burns for mayor of Dillon on April 1.

Ron Holland


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