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Letters: Supporting the candidates for sheriff, district attorney

Woodman would bring expertise to sheriff’s office

I have known Undersheriff Derek Woodman for the past 26 years. Our careers crossed paths many times. First when I was an emergency physician at the Summit Medical Center and most recently when I was the Summit County Coroner. As coroner I have interacted with Derek in many death investigations as well as sitting on numerous government committees together. He was always the law enforcement expert in the room.

Undersheriff Woodman is very professional. His expertise in law enforcement and his empathy for the public which he serves has always made him an outstanding officer in the Summit County Sheriff’s Department.

I offer my support without reservation to Undersheriff Derek Woodmen in his bid to become the next Summit County Sheriff in this November’s election.

Tim Keeling, DO

Summit County Coroner 2012–15

Keep politics out of the sheriff’s race

What a shame that we are voting for our top Summit County Sheriff based on politics, instead of his work history, integrity and honesty! Derek Woodman has proven himself time and again during his 35 year history with the sheriff’s office and people need to investigate these two candidates, or ask him, why he deserves their vote. There is no question on the better person for this job — there never was.

Then we need to carefully consider what our three county commissioners did to Derek, after their politics gave into selecting FitzSimons as our interim sheriff. To be fired from a career in law enforcement and walked out the door, just because you’re not a Democrat, is wrong! The fact that fifteen fellow officers have left the department since Fitzsimmons appointment in June is cause enough not to vote for him, much less trust him with our safety and welfare.

I know Derek Woodman and I trust him with my vote and my life!

Pat Feuerriegel


In support of Woodman

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Derek as our elected sheriff. I have known Derek for 23 years. I have known him while I was a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney. I can truly state that no matter the position, Derek was open, available and problem solving in a way that brought respect to our criminal justice system. This is unique in our county and his loyalty and commitment concomitantly rewarded.

Todd Barson


A lifetime of law enforcement service

As a Colorado State Senator and former sheriff of Weld County, I am honored to endorse my longtime friend Derek Woodman for Summit County Sheriff. He is a knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy professional who has served the public with integrity and dedication for 35 years.

We first met in 1981 while I was a police officer in Breckenridge and Derek was a young deputy, just beginning his career in law enforcement at the Summit County Jail. Through the years, I watched his knowledge grow as he advanced through the ranks. He became division commander of the jail, and was, at age 22, the youngest supervisor that Summit County law enforcement had ever had. He later became a patrol deputy and by 1987 he had been promoted to detective.

Within three years, Derek was promoted to sergeant where he led the newly created special operations division. As sergeant of this important division, he was in charge of search and rescue, the water rescue team, backcountry patrols, bike path and reservoir patrols, drug enforcement, and numerous other responsibilities. Derek ultimately was promoted to operation division commander.

When John Minor was elected to the office of sheriff in 2004, I was pleased to learn that Sheriff Minor quickly appointed Derek as undersheriff — an office that he served in successfully for 12 years. During that time, Derek also attended and graduated from the FBI National Academy where he received exceptional leadership training.

Derek Woodman’s extensive knowledge of law enforcement and of Summit County, as well as his strong leadership, management and interpersonal skills, make him an outstanding choice for Summit County Sheriff. Throughout his professional life, he has proven to be a dedicated public servant.

Sen. John Cooke

Colorado Senate District 13

FitzSimons is the right man for a new direction

We have a new sheriff in town and Jaime FitzSimons is his name. You may have seen his image in the Summit Daily riding a horse as he supported local ranches in the Lower Blue as they pushed cattle down Highway 9 from their summer residence at Quaking Creek Ranch to their winter headquarters at Triple Creek Ranch.

Such is the unconventional and proactive nature of Sheriff FitzSimons as he continues daily to serve the people of Summit County. He enforces the laws but always with compassion and concern for the people. So it is that I, a very conservative resident of our county, came to find myself looking carefully at this candidate for the Democratic ticket. As a person who often has voted a straight Republican ticket, it struck me that it is important to know when to depart from blanket views of political structure, as well as when to adhere to them.

As much as ever before, we in America face new challenges, all of which seem exacerbated by the harsh reality of our economic debt, our security needs and too often our lack of fundamental ethics. We have changed, our country has changed and the growing divisions between our people become more obvious.

For myself, having served with the American Foreign Policy Council and currently being on the Advisory Board of The Institute of World Politics — (a graduate school of national security and international affairs) I have learned the value of an energetic, proactive, balanced national agenda and how crucial one individual can be towards the achievement of such goals. I believe it to be the same at local levels.

A strong community law enforcement system consists of the ability to not only enforce our laws but to protect the community as a whole including our principles, our morality and our way of life in all of the different ways we as individuals carry such values.

Jaime FitzSimons will have my vote not because he is running as a Democrat but rather because he is the best candidate for an increasingly challenging position and will best face the needs ahead and the unique requirements of our community. His energy, his genuine interest in the people he serves, his honesty, his wonderful wife and family, his dedication to the law, his openness to all ideas, and his outstanding credentials in law enforcement make him a candidate that all of us, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents, can support.

Stephen Fausel


Bruce Carey brings character, experience as DA candidate

I told my daughter there are two times in life that she has permission to beat me over the head until I am senseless and she can then take that same shovel and bury me with it. Those two occurrences pertain to if I were to marry again and have more children and/or if I run for a political office. I read the article in the Vail Daily regarding the “Battle of the Bruces” for the race of the Colorado Fifth Judicial District, which include Bruce Carey and the present DA in Eagle, Bruce Brown. As a luxury limousine operator in the Vail Valley I believe that crashing a county vehicle in Dowd Junction, leaving the scene of an accident until at least a tow truck shows up is much more severe of a crime than a petty alleged bribery in Leadville. I do not say alleged motor vehicle accident because the county vehicle left at the scene in Dowd Junction was completely demolished. Bruce Brown also plead guilty of theft of a plant in Vail valued at $50 which was many moons ago.

Bruce Carey has been a private attorney in Eagle County for 25 years and has been on the outside looking in. I realize that he has been a criminal defense attorney so voters probably ask why he would surrender a lucrative practice to venture into the public sector. Others might wonder if that might be a conflict of interest being that he wants to join the other side. Au contraire; because a person does not know how another man perceives until he walks in that man’s shoes. Twenty-five years of courtroom experience is irreplaceable. Also before starting his private practice, Bruce Carey worked as a deputy district attorney in this district in Clear Creek County and in Eagle County.

An article published in the Denver Post titled, “‘I’m a public servant, and I’m not a public slave.’ Colorado DA defends 6 1/2 weeks vacation” refers to present DA Bruce Brown’s extensive time off. Evidently that must be a lot of time off from a public position if the Denver Post deems that it is worthy of a story. The bottom line is that Bruce Carey, who represents the Republican party and is endorsed by Eagle County Sheriff James Van Beek shows that Carey is ready to represent the citizens of Eagle County. If elected he will be tough on criminals, but is more interested in the rehabilitation of anyone charged with a crime and especially repeat offenders.

A former criminal defense attorney, like Bruce Carey, has decades of experience in litigation on the side of the defense, and many attorneys run for district attorney and practice law without seeing the inside of the court room. I know that the deputy sheriffs in the district will be glad to see Bruce Carey on their side because of all of his clients, who he has represented over the years, have been cleared of any wrongdoings because of technicalities. There are nine programs that Bruce Carey will implement if elected district attorney one of which allows a defender to work his/her way back into the social graces of the community to be a productive citizen. You can check out the other eight programs that Bruce will implement at http://www.carey4da.com

Robert Milfeld


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