Littwin’s POV on GOP divorced form reality and truth (letter) |

Littwin’s POV on GOP divorced form reality and truth (letter)

Please let me tell you where I sit before where I stand… This Littwin writer has no point and no relevance. His comparison of the GOP to the Conservative Ted Cruz, in the article, “Ted Cruz for president, because he seems just like a GOP primary voter” has no point. My belief is that the GOP is lost and also has no relevance to the Conservative Tea Party movement. I ask for Mr. Littwin to please clarify how far Mr. Cruz is right of the Constitution? Ol’ Mr. Littwin may not be able to answer this because his only perspective is that he believes he is dead-center on the Constitution. In other words, there is no meaning in the Constitution. In any event, I was board after his second paragraph and once again discounted him as some idiot with no truth or reality to his thinking. I will be the first to write ol’ Littwin in two years and re-confirm that, after the election, he is still an idiot!

Tom Stechschulte


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