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Longcamp: Tina Dupuy distorts the Hobby Lobby debate

Because Tina Dupuy seems to live and write in a fantasy world with little connection with reality, I seldom read her column. However, Wednesday she wrote on such an important subject that I read it and felt her false statements should be countered with factual information. First, she states that the Supreme Court’s ruling means that Hobby Lobby will “deny working women of childbearing age birth control coverage though the company’s insurance plan.” In fact, 16 of the 20 methods of birth control required by the Affordable Care Act still will be covered. Prior to the ACA, Hobby Lobby voluntarily covered birth control prescriptions. When (Hobby Lobby owners) the Greens learned that four such methods terminated new human life rather than prevent conception, they concluded they could not in good conscience provide these four. All other forms of birth control are still provided by their insurance. The non-covered prescriptions are not denied them and may be filled at the employee’s expense.

Second, this conviction, while religious for the Greens, is not limited to Evangelical Christians or just those with religious objections. Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, Muslims and others who recognize science, also reject them, knowing that at fertilization a new human life has begun and is terminated, not prevented, by these four methods.

Third, this ruling was based upon the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, passed unanimously by the House, by the Senate with only three dissenting votes, and signed by President Bill Clinton.

Tina Dupuy may not agree with or like the court’s ruling and is free under the Constitution to hold and express these opinions. The Greens have the constitutional right not to be forced to provide coverage for prescriptions that terminate, even at the earliest stage, a human life. Please, Tina, keep to the truth.

John Longcamp


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