Love doesn’t mean accepting sin (letter) |

Love doesn’t mean accepting sin (letter)

In a recent column, Carrie Brown-Wolf makes a good point in stating “There’s nothing wrong with more love in the world.” However, I will argue with Ms. Brown-Wolf’s suggestion that the Bible is an antiquated book which is no longer relevant because “life has changed.” Actually, nothing has changed regarding human behavior in our steady march toward degradation. It is true, as Brown-Wolf states, that we no longer feed people to lions. We have replaced that hideous activity with the more “acceptable” abortion procedure, feeding our unborn children to the insatiable teeth of self-service and expediency. I also take umbrage with Ms. Brown-Wolf’s egregious error in suggesting that, because Jesus’ life was a depiction of love and acceptance, he would have supported gay marriage “hands down.” It is curious that one who believes the Bible to be antiquated would use its most important personality to support her more “intelligently sophisticated” beliefs. As one who has more than a cursory familiarity with the Bible, I have to state unequivocally that Jesus, who is God and who loves the sinner unconditionally, does not condone sin in any way. The Bible gives us a clear understanding that God describes the gay lifestyle as an aberrant behavior to which He objects vehemently, His love for them notwithstanding. It is my objective to follow Jesus’ example to love all people including those who pursue the gay lifestyle, as well as those who inaccurately portray the mind of Christ. Nevertheless, I will stand for the truth as I see it in God’s word, and stand against the prevailing notion that the Bible is obsolete and that God is irrelevant. This notion is rapidly moving our nation and culture down the slippery slope that Judge Robert Bork described as “Slouching toward Gomorrah.”

Richard Venier


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