Martorano: Nickeled and dimed in Breckenridge (letter) |

Martorano: Nickeled and dimed in Breckenridge (letter)

Went skiing at Breck this week for the first time this season and to the Vista Haus at the top of Peak 8 for lunch.

Went to get some water to bring to my table. The only cups at the water fountain were the type with pointed ends that cannot stand upright. Asked where the flat-bottomed cups were, was told that Vail resorts has made the decision not to provide them. If their customers want free water at their table, they must buy a cup from the cafeteria for $.30.

Really, Vail, even for you, this is too much. Perhaps pay toilets are next? After your employee housing debacle last week, you're really on a roll.

Merry Christmas.

Mike Martorano