Maryland Creek development goes against Silverthorne grain (letter) |

Maryland Creek development goes against Silverthorne grain (letter)

In response to the front page article in the March 5 edition of the paper, I would like to ask the Silverthorne Town Council how the Town of Silverthorne and its citizens will benefit from the increased density proposed by Tom Everist, because all I see are disadvantages. I don’t know what you all do for a living, so what do you personally have to gain from this increase? Please be honest here because as stated “rural residential allows a maximum density of 1 unit per 20 acres or 1 unit per 17.5 acres if subdivided through county rural land use subdivision regulations.” The Silverthorne Town Council declined to participate in a free transfer of density program supplied by the county commissioners and thus seem to have their own agenda. Who do you represent? This also goes against the town master plan of a “feathered transition” to rural lands. Let alone the identifications from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Colorado Hunting Atlas who propose the project site as a “high moose and mule deer area.” Imagine the traffic problems increasing, especially during bad weather and peak times of which we constantly hear about on the radio daily.

I encourage all Town of Silverthorne citizens, Summit Daily News reporters and 9 News to come on Wednesday and express your wishes to hold the town council to their democratic duties for what will likely be a lively discussion.

Nancy Hallett


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