McGahey: A parking garage won’t solve Breck traffic problems (letter) |

McGahey: A parking garage won’t solve Breck traffic problems (letter)

Does central planning in the Breckenridge Town Council chambers seriously believe that a 500 car monolithic parking structure at the intersection of Park Avenue and Village Road will actually reduce traffic congestion in downtown Breckenridge? If this self-serving boondoggle passes and this monster gets built, they won’t believe the overcrowded traffic mayhem that will ensue daily at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. as all those noisy carbon belching vehicles jockey for position in and out of this central parking octopus in a snail’s pace effort to get to and from Emerald City.

A better idea would be to build a parking structure out on Airport Road along with an elevated ski train that would circulate between that parking area and the base of the gondola, thereby solving the parking problem and creating NO PARKING CONGESTION in the town core. Shuttling skiers back and forth every few minutes on a clean green ski train would solve the parking problem, ring the merchant’s cash registers in town and give our guests an easy, sustainable, environmentally cool way to get in and out of the core commercial district without driving their cars.

Kim McGahey


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