McNaul: Obamacare questions and criticisms are a good thing |

McNaul: Obamacare questions and criticisms are a good thing

In Mr. and Mrs. Hertzberg’s recent reply to Mr. Morgan Liddick’s editorial regarding Obamacare, they start with a lengthy biblical quote and then proceed to call Mr. Liddick a bigot and a liar. How sad, but typical, is that?

Is there anyone, who really knows just how Obama are will work and what it’s going to cost? Not only for the poor, but for the rest of us. I am sure we can all agree that the final cost will be a lot higher than the current government estimate. The politicians seem to have clue, they have already requested waivers. The numbers Mr. Liddick stated regarding our federal deficit and our debt to other nations are facts.

I’ll be the first to admit that the healthcare insurance system we have in this country is flawed, overly complicated and somewhat unfair.

So please, Mr. and Mrs. Hertzberg, don’t try to silence one of the few people who try to keep us informed of at least a some of the government’s schemes, which some of us little people wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Dorthe McNaul


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