Meek: Kudos to senior center workers (letter) |

Meek: Kudos to senior center workers (letter)

How can one workplace be so lucky? I had the joy of being able to volunteer at the senior center. It is obvious each person there has their own gifts to share but yet knows every detail that needs to be addressed.

Overseeing it all, Laurie has compassion and foresight to place people in their specific areas. Julia, what a great person, she is detailed with scheduling and following through in her job. Alex, the newest employee? Energy abounding. Wanting to pitch in and be part of the team, what a great addition to the workers. I had the opportunity to work closest with Niki. Her compassion for people is so very evident she tries to read between the lines to see what the needs are of each person.

Together what a wonderful staff. We are fortunate to have them all in Summit County!

Judy Meek


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