Miller: Who’s Morgan Liddick calling lazy? |

Miller: Who’s Morgan Liddick calling lazy?

Who’s Liddick calling lazy?

Morgan Liddick’s most recent opinion piece, “The president promises, we pay up” (Jan. 13), is insulting in so many ways. The opinions he expresses are both callous and ignorant.

First of all, Mr. Liddick states that students who have their tuition paid are lazy, irresponsible dawdlers. Well, Mr. Liddick, I would like you to know that I graduated from college with a B.S. in physics, and with a 4.0 GPA to boot. Afterwards, I went to graduate school for two years and obtained my M.S. in the same field of study.

Now, Mr. Liddick, most would agree that these are quite impressive academic feats. Indeed, they required a lot of hard work, determination and self-discipline. And guess what? I didn’t pay a dime for my higher education! Scholarships and a teaching assistantship covered my schooling. Although I didn’t pay anything out of my own pocket, I was a very hard worker and proactive in my learning. Mr. Liddick, you have no right to call me lazy!

Secondly, Mr. Liddick insinuates that people who cannot afford the outrageous costs of higher education are useless members of society. This is evident when he calls the president’s plan to provide free community college “yet another transfer of wealth from the despised productive classes to the legions of wide-eyed, credulous Obamaniacs.” As if those of us who are just working to make ends meet are not productive, and that we just mooch money off the nation’s wealthy. Well, Mr. Liddick, just because my income isn’t terribly impressive does not mean that I am lazy! I have four different part-time jobs, and I give each one my all. On top of this, I take care of many household chores like cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Once again, you have no right to call me lazy!

Rachel Miller


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