Monaghan: Rotary Club ice melt content winners announced soon |

Monaghan: Rotary Club ice melt content winners announced soon

Rotary Club ice melt explanation

Our Rotary Club has consistently and carefully used the same criteria for many years to establish the exact time of “ice melt” on Lake Dillon for purposes of the fundraiser contest. The Ice Melt Device is engineered so that it sits atop the ice; when the ice underneath melts and the device is in water, the device completely inverts and floats upside down in the open water causing the clock to stop. The device cannot invert unless it is in open water, so this gives us a good objective way of determining the exact official winning time.

This year was no different, with Rotarians watching the device every 12 hours to ensure that we achieved the accurate date and time. The device turned completely upside down during the overnight hours between May 6 and May 7, which meant that the ice beneath the device had melted and it was in open water. Of course, Mother Nature threw a bit of a curveball this year, and the next few days brought one of Summit County’s infamous May snowstorms with chilling temperatures. The ice in many parts of the lake lingered on.

Thank you to all who helped support Rotary’s community service work through this year’s contest. The Dillon Marina staff has helped us recover the device and the winners will be announced very soon!

Diane Monaghan


Ice Melt Chairman

Rotary Club of Summit County

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