Nelson: Don’t turn down $3.5 million a year from Vail Resorts (letter) |

Nelson: Don’t turn down $3.5 million a year from Vail Resorts (letter)

It’s probably on your kitchen counter or under the pile of holiday catalogs next to your favorite chair. As clear as any call-to-action can be, it’s not too late to retrieve that ballot for they are due to be counted this coming Tuesday, Nov. 3.

For Breckenridge residents in particular, we must follow through on our agreement with Vail Resorts, and the only way we can do that is as a unified electorate voting in favor of 2A. Long and wordy, the ballot item guarantees our town at least $3.5 million to be invested in badly needed traffic and transportation infrastructure. And while detractors may argue the town has sufficient revenue to fund these projects, nobody is arguing transit and transportation is not a big and complicated puzzle.

In agreeing to the 2A tax deal, Vail Resorts acknowledged the same and that substantial and timely funding is vital to planning and building an effective solution to this puzzle. But the only way we, as a community, can have this happen — this next year — is to vote “yes” on 2A.

Ken Nelson


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