Nelson: Hamner showing her true colors |

Nelson: Hamner showing her true colors

Hamner showing her true colors

I see by the July 11 edition of the Summit Daily that our elected officials gathered for a debate in Frisco. After reading the article the only thing I could think of was the color of Millie Hamner’s lipstick. Millie represents an area in the High Country where residents (or subjects, to a Democrat) hunt and shoot for food and fun. We have little crime up here. She voted for all gun control issues, but calls it “ gun safety” not gun control. Millie referred to “we,” meaning Democrats, I presume. The true color of her lipstick came out of hiding behind the words “gun safety.” As far as “restricting anyone’s rights,” well, I feel my rights have been restricted by the magazine ban, background checks on private sales, and now an extra $10 fee for a background check that uses a federal system paid for by the feds. Millie if you want “public safety” you should support open carry for Americans. Imagine 200 shoppers in a store all carrying and you try to rob the store. How far will you get? Sixteen months till November 2014 elections.

Todd Nelson


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