Nitka: Never too old to waterslide (letter) |

Nitka: Never too old to waterslide (letter)

The Breckenridge Recreational Center, in my opinion, is a wonderful gym. Always clean, staff is always friendly and the atmosphere in general is nice. Now, like many people, I got a gym membership last year, so I could get in better shape.

And, as we all know, the motivation soon fades. I started to go less and less. Well, I am back on the train trying to get in better shape, and I have a great way to stay motivated. Our local gym has something different then many other gyms. It has the Summit Plummet, the amazing water slide in the pool. I know many of us have stressful lives with very little time to just relax. But, if you are already taking the time to lace up, take a few extra minutes and let the stress of the day fade as you rip down the yellow tube of fun that is the Summit Plummet.

Now, I don’t care about your age. Remember what it’s like to smile and let go next time you are at the gym! And, who knows, maybe you’ll see me. I usually ride it at least twice post-workout!

Ali Nitka


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