No pets at Dillon Farmers Market (letter) |

No pets at Dillon Farmers Market (letter)

The Dillon Farmers Market is a no pet event! Yet people insist on bringing their dogs.

On July 17, there were several dogs on leashes there that decided it was time to get in a fight, and their owners were having a difficult time restraining them.

I also pointed out to a person who was right in front of the no-pet event sign that no pets were allowed, and she tossed her head and walked right in.

What is wrong with these people who think the rules don’t apply to them? Food is being sold and served, and they don’t care! I understand that people love their dogs and want to take them everywhere — but enough is enough!

The town of Dillon needs to have a police person patrolling, so they can enforce this and bring some money into the coffers of the city. They tow your car if you park wrong or go over the speed limit, so why not ticket the dog owners who violate the no-pet event and pose and health hazard?

Donna Lenard


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