Not all longboarders are irresponsible (letter) |

Not all longboarders are irresponsible (letter)

This reminds me of the days snowboarding started out, and many criticized and complained about what they didn’t understand. Granted, there are some who ride with what seems like reckless abandon. However, there are some who do have solid stopping techniques and make smart choices concerning cars and people and are respectful.

There probably are better places, like empty parking lots, that make better longboarding places than Ten Mile bike path. But, making generalizations about the people who enjoy these activities is just more of the same stereotypical labeling of individuals I witnessed in the early snowboard days.

Is this still a free country? Let the irresponsible take on their risk and make their mistakes. Maybe they will seek out safer choices in the future. But, just remember: When you judge the one as the whole, you judge yourself.

Kurt Kalinna

Certified snowboard instructor

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